About 3 Eggs

Our Story

We've been in business since 2006. It's been an amazing journey of learning, constant research and development and many satisfied clients. The satisfaction of seeing the businesses we work with really take off, is what keeps us going.

Our Approach

We first do a check on your business to see what you're doing and what you could improve on. Next we proceed to design a whole marketing strategy that combines SEO, social media, video and content marketing. Our method has helped countless businesses attract the customers they want in order to succeed.

Meet the Team

These are the people that make our day to day business a fun, creative, challenging and just overall incredible place to call our work space.

Juliette carlton photo

Juliette Carlton

Founder & Marketer

Eric Schloss

Eric Schloss

Graphic and Web Design

Thomas Fairbanks

Thomas Fairbanks

IT\ SEO Expert