Creating the ideal strategy for your business

So what's the secret to creating a marketing strategy that actually attracts potential clients, the right ones and gets them excited and curious and eager to jump on the boat, hand over their money and work with you?

The first thing is going to sound like your old college philosophy teacher: "You must know thyself."

In this case, you must understand your business. The truth is one size doesn't fit all. Especially when it comes to marketing. Doing the same exact thing for different businesses is a sure rapid fire way to mess things up. Some strategies are great for some, others are not.

How much do you really know and understand the business you currently have. Do you have a clear target market? Do you know exactly what their needs are and how you can fulfill them? What are your business' strengths and weaknesses? What is your USP (unique selling proposition)? How do you separate yourself and stand out from your competitors? Are you trying different ways to market and adverise your business? Are people talking about your business? Why or why not?

In a world where every day there are more people and more opportunities to attract more customers. In order to set yourself up well to do this you have to be original. Originality receives attention and attention brings in a flood of wandering eyes looking at what you do and potentially becoming, your customer.